Sell your car in Amsterdam without the dutch car papers

You want to sell your old car in Amsterdam but can no longer find the papers of the car, what now? To sell your car you need a complete registration certificate, this consists of 3 numbers;

  • Name codes: a 5-digit number and a 9-digit number.
  • Registration certificate Part 2 : The registration card with an 10-digit number.

More information about the registration certificate can be found here (Dutch)

If you have lost it, you can sell your car to a recognized disassembly company without these numbers /papers. An recognized recycling company can, after submitting a valid id, take over the car from you and write out the he certificate of indemnity of the RDW .

Car sales to a disassembly company

To sell your car to a disassembly company, you do not need the complete registration certificate of the car. The “autosloperij” / autorecycling company to which you want to sell your car can request a disassembly code from the RDW with which they can still indemnify the vehicle. In this case, you will have to identify yourself and the disassembly company will ask you to sign a disassembly declaration. With this you give the disassembly company permission for disassembly, without its registration document.

Request new papers for the sale of your car.

When selling your car to a private or a dealer, you need the complete registration certificate. If you miss all car papers, including the registration card, you can request this again from the RDW. Via the RDW website you can log in with your DigiD and you can pay the expenses via iDeal. Once you receive the car papers, you can sell your car.

Most people who want to sell their car only lost their transfer certificate. The transfer certificate can be requested separately from the RDW. This is a lot cheaper than if you request all papers (Including license plate card). You also have to log in via your DigiD and you can pay the expenses via iDeal.

More information about reapplying for registration documents can be found at here (Dutch)

Sell your car in Amsterdam to a recognized disassembly company.

Do you want to sell your car in Amsterdam to a recognized car dismantling company? We’ll help you. You can register your wrecking car in Amsterdam with us and we will pick up your old car within 1 working day. We do this 100% free, safe and carefree.

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